6 signs your accountant isn’t the one for you

Is the accountant you are working with the same one you used before you were an entrepreneur or the one your parents recommended? Accountants are often associated with filing taxes once a year, boring chats, long confusing emails and sometimes even what feels like shaming conversations about your business and it’s spending. BUT a good accountant can do much more than that for your business & your mindset around your money. If your current accountant doesn’t feel like a valuable asset to your team, it’s time to find someone who can really support you in taking your business to it’s next level.   

6 signs your accountant might not be the one for you.

(spoiler alert – if you already have a feeling they aren’t – you’re probably right!)

You only meet with them once a year. If you only see your accountant in the Spring when it’s time to file taxes, you are missing out on key financial planning and tax strategies that could save you a ton or help you make a lot more. Your business deserves more than one meeting every 365 days.

You feel judged. You should never feel embarrassed or ashamed when meeting with your accountant. Your financial team is responsible for giving you the numbers and insights you need to run and grow your business, not judging you for not having it all figured it out.

They don’t understand the nuances of your business. You shouldn’t have to continually explain or defend your business model to your accountant. If they don’t understand what an online entrepreneur does, it can cost you time and money. 

They aren’t proactive. A good accountant will help you brainstorm and make suggestions for how you can cut your tax bill, lower your business expenses, or increase your revenue. 

You are afraid to ask questions. If you don’t feel comfortable asking your accountant questions because of how much it will cost you or the way they respond, it is time to move on. You should feel supported by your accountant and comfortable asking for their advice.

They only focus on lowering your tax bill. Paying fewer taxes is always a good thing, but if that is your accountant’s primary goal, you may need a new one. Encouraging unnecessary spending (especially at the end of the year) is a sign that your accountant’s only goal is to lower your taxes and they aren’t looking out for the overall success of your business.

The good news:

It’s actually MUCH simpler than most people think to switch accountants – and the best time to do it is TODAY. Don’t let another month go by without the financial support that you & your business deserve!

(of course, you will need to check your agreement with your current accountant and honor any cancellation terms in there)

We can walk you through exactly what needs to happen to make the transition as pain-free as possible, and you likely already have all of the paperwork & files that we will need to jump in and get started.  

Ready to make the leap and start working with an accountant that understands your business and can fully support you? Book a call with us to get started. 

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