You may love it. You may hate it.
But if you want a successful business,
you have to have it.
And, you have to know how to manage it.

The thing is, most entrepreneurs start businesses around their passions.
And unless you’re like me, finance probably isn’t what lights you up.

So, you’re out there giving it your all, building your business, and starting to make headway.




And, CATCH 22! To get help with the money stuff you have to have money to spend. But if you’re just starting out you likely don’t have a ton of money to invest and are afraid to make more bc “what the heck do I do with it when I have it?!”

  • How do I prepare for taxes when I’m running my own biz?
  • Do my bank accounts need to be separate?
  • Can I hire someone? How do I pay them? Are they a contractor or an employee?
  • LLC? S-Corp? Sole Proprietor? OH MY.


There are a ton of questions and you need answers. More than that, you need a guide. And templates. And trainings that aren’t overwhelming.

You need some clear answers so you can feel confident with your money management as you grow your business.

You need
and I’m SO excited to introduce it to you.

CFO AF is the go to resource for entrepreneurs who are starting their business and need to get their money management and tax stuff in order!

CFO AF is a hybrid experience with 6 video modules you can watch as many times as you’d like, a Facebook group where you can ask your questions, and done for you templates so you can take what you learn and immediately start implementing systems in your business to take your money management to the next level.

What will we cover in CFO AF? I’ll tell you.

Module 1: Business Entities

LLC or S-Corp? Sole Proprietor or Partnership? In this module you’ll learn about the pluses and minuses or each business type so you can decide which is best for you at this point in your business. THEN, I’ll walk you through the step by step process of applying to be each.

Module 2: Bank Accounts

Learn the best ways to to organize your cash, what types of accounts to have, and how to manage your credit cards and bank accounts for maximum tax deductions.

Module 3: Money Tracking

Money tracking is a BIG part of profit planning! I’ll walk you through the easiest ways to keep track of everything going in and out of your business so you always have a pulse on what’s happening with your cash!

Module 4: Team Talk

When it comes time to hire a team there are going to be questions you need the answers to. First off, where is the money to pay this team member coming from? Are they a contractor or an employee? In this module, we’ll talk through your options and how to make the best decision for you.

Module 5: Tax Time

Prepping for taxing isn’t just for April. When you’re doing things right, you’re keeping track of expenses and reporting throughout the year so everything is easy peasy lemon squeezy when tax time comes. I’ll show you how.

Module 6: Next Level Accounting

As your business grows, you’ll eventually want to hire a bookkeeper and/or accountant. In this module you’ll learn the signs that you’re ready to bring someone on and what to look for in your hire.

Sound amazing to you? That’s because it is.

When you purchase CFO AF, you get immediate access to:

  • SIX VIDEO MODULES that walk you through everything you need to know to get your business set up and systemitized for your finances
  • ACCESS TO THE CFO AF FACEBOOK GROUP where you can ask your questions, get support, and access Q + A Calls with me, Amy Bradbury!
  • FOUR TEMPLATES that you can download and use immediately to get your business ORGANIZED and TAX READY.
    • Cash Flow Planner: Plug in your numbers to keep an eye on how much money is going in and out on a daily basis so you can start to create projections as your business grows
    • Client Roster: Use this template to keep track of your clients so you can easily see where your income will drop off so you can plan your sales and marketing proactively
    • Tax Planning Sheet: When you start with a plan, tax time is SO much easier. Pop your info into this template to keep things organized all year long.
    • Collections Funnel: Ever have a client late on payment or with a declined credit card? This 5 email series is yours to tweak and make yours. Consider it handled.

PLUS, these bonus Trainings!

  • Cash Flow Fix: How to create more flow and less lows
  • Money and Marriage: How to navigate financial discussions with your partner
  • Credit Convo: Three simple ways to improve your credit
  • Managing your Money Mindset: You know mindset is the key to it all – no tools in the world can help if your mindset ain’t right!

The value of CFO AF is honestly ridiculous.
It’s worth at least $5000.

But, for you, it’s just $497.


Because this is for beginners. This is the information you NEED to know to get set up and started right from the get-go and it’s RIDICULOUS that it’s not available in an easy to learn format. So, I created it.

My mission is to share this information with as many women as I can because money isn’t just power, it’s EMPOWERMENT.

If we haven’t met yet, HI!

I’m Amy Bradbury, CEO and Founder of Empowered Profit and Creator of CFO AF.

My team and I challenge the notion that old white guys are the ones who should be in charge of the money bringing a fresh perspective to the financial conversation that transforms the feelings of anxiety around money management to confidence and clarity. Through a combination of done for you services and consulting, my team and I consistently make online businesses more profitable while allowing kick-ass women entrepreneurs to make even more impact in their homes, communities, and in the world.