This week, we will be talking about Profit Planning, which can be such a game-changer for your business, so it's a fun one!   

For the next few weeks during your onboarding, you will receive an email from your OFM on your processing day with the topic we will be focusing on for that week, as well as the things for you to complete that week. You can always come back to this page to listen again anytime, and of course, let us know if you have any questions about anything, we are here to support you as you work through everything.

We have a few fun things for you to take care of this week:  

First, grab your Action Guide Here. (This is a Fillable PDF. First download onto your computer and then you can type in answers. If you prefer to handwrite, you can print it out.)  

Then, listen to the audio below & watch the walk-through video.

Finally, check the email from your OFM to see if there’s anything else they want you to work on this week.


Profit Planning

Welcome to Week Five:







Audio: Profit Planning

Video Walk-Through: Profit Planning

Video Walk-Through: Profit Planning - The Transfers

If you are in our CFO Package: we will be updating this template for you with your percentages & bank accounts.  We will also maintain it for you weekly during our regular processing of your account, and make the bank accounts transfers.  It’s great for you to watch this video below so you understand how this document works that we are creating for you.

If you receive our Done with You Support: you should work on updating this template with your information, and then plan to do any transfers weekly during your MoneyLove sessions.

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