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We are looking for a part-time, USA-Based, Virtual, Work from Your Home Office Tax Assistant who understands bookkeeping and taxes, is always one step ahead of their work, loves communicating with people and is a wiz when it comes to numbers. This position will begin as a part-time position and can grow to become full time within the next year, based on how you can help the company to grow.    

This can be a dual role, where you are serving as both a bookkeeper and tax assistant, or you can focus on one role or the other. (If you are more interested in just a bookkeeper role, please apply for that position separately on our website.)   

As the Tax Assistant, you will work with our Client Coordinator and Tax Manager to manage the client’s tax experience throughout the year. You will assist with creating the annual tax strategy for each client, updating it throughout the year and preparing their annual tax returns.   

You will do research for different states where our clients are located to determine what their liability and deadlines are in their states. The tax assistant also coordinates communication with the IRS and state agencies, respond to notices, perform research, etc.  

You are a fun, go-getting, tech-loving problem solver who loves the flexibility of working from home. If you are looking for an awesome career opportunity that will give you great satisfaction with work-life balance than we would love to add you to our team!


Assisting with our quarterly tax projection and annual tax preparation processes. 

Leading the compliance management initiative.   

Assistanting with responses to any tax notices received by clients. 

Attending Monday and Thursday team video calls for client check-in, updates, and questions. 
Using Slack and email to communicate with our clients & team throughout the week, providing timely responses to messages.  

Attending periodic video calls with our clients to talk with them about their tax strategy, annual returns, and answering their questions. 

Updating our Project Management System (Asana) when you have completed your tasks (which are usually done ahead of schedule if not on-time!)

Maintaining a professional, quiet home office where you can focus and be productive!

Job Responsibilities

You will be responsible for:

General knowledge of bookkeeping and taxes, prior experience in a tax/accounting firm.

Had a role that involved internal or external customer support. For example: internal clients inside of a company, customer service for a store, guest-facing restaurant experience.

A sense of humor.

Work experience that shows growth, a willingness to get out of your comfort zone and a desire to learn new things.

Skills & Past Experiences

You must have:

Payroll experience – most of our clients have small, uncomplicated payrolls, but we would love if you have knowledge of how payroll works – on the processing and tax side.

Tax experience preparing basic S-Corp and Individual tax returns.

Experience using online tools like Slack, Asana, Google Drive and Zoom.

Your CPA or EA designation, or the interest in obtaining it in the very near future.  

It would be nice if you have:

About You

You embrace challenges when they arise and pride yourself in being about to “figure it out.”

You have a growth mindset. We are willing to train the right person on pretty much anything if you can show us that you are coachable, willing to learn, and excited about the contribution you will make to our team.

You learn from past experiences and make changes based on those experiences so that you thrive in the future (history doesn’t typically repeat itself with you.)

You love online systems and get excited about learning them.

You love solutions. You don’t just report problems and issues, you like to think through possible solutions and make recommendations!

You are confident, but not cocky. You feel really good in your own skin and enjoying working with uplifting people in a team environment.

This position is not for...

Someone who is looking for a “side-gig” while growing their own business.

Someone who doesn’t like talking to people and just wants to work inside systems all day.

Someone who knows deep down that they don’t really love bookkeeping or tax.

Someone who relies heavily on other people to make them happy.

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