Lindsey Janzen,OFM

Coffee sipper, crossword solver, and voracious reader, Lindsey once spent a summer reading every book she could get her hands on. Before summer’s end, she read  70 books of varying lengths and genres. 

Since joining the Empowered Profit team, Lindsey has moved her family to a new city and welcomed a son. Even with these changes, she has been able to continue in her career.  Working at Empowered Profit challenges her to be her best, not just as an employee, but as a working mother and military wife. “I am genuinely excited to wake up, spend time with my family, grab a cup of coffee, and chat with my amazing clients.”

When she’s not providing insights and projections to Empowered Profit’s talented clients, you will most likely find Lindsey trying a new food (she’ll try anything once and loves everything from fried okra to BahnMi to doner),  hanging with her family or reading.

LeeAnza Romero, OFM

Beachgoer, wine drinker and french fry lover, LeeAnza was born in Trinidad,  where she lived until age 10 before moving to Barbados. Currently, she lives in South Carolina with her husband and 3-year-old son and 120-pound rottweiler (who holds a special place in her heart after keeping her company during four deployments). 

After having her son, she was a stay-at-home mom for 3 years before deciding it was time to get back into the working world. LeeAnza has always worked in (and loved) accounting, and Empowered Profit is a perfect fit for her skills and her family. “Working with Empowered Profit allows me to still be there for my family while being able to continue in a career that I love. I’m now able to contribute financially and not change anything about the wife and mom that I am.”

When she’s not helping kick-ass women take back their financial independence, you’ll likely find LeeAnza cooking, trying (but often not succeeding) to read a good book, exploring the outdoors or silently correcting you’re bad grammar.

Sara Sealy, OFM

Nutella lover, old movie watcher, and CokeZero drinker, Sara’s hobbies include reading psychological thrillers, traveling and shopping. She loves to shop for anything and everything, even groceries, her favorite thing is discovering a good deal or finding something new.

With Empowered Profit, Sara has found her unicorn job.  A job that allows her to use her strengths (and degree) in Accounting to empower successful women while still being completely present in her kids’ lives. “As a military spouse who moves every 3 years, I no longer have to worry about finding a new job. This stability allows me to grow exponentially as an accountant and as an Empowered Profit team member.  Before EP, I was doubtful that I could possibly have it all as a working mom. It gives me the professional satisfaction that I needed to be happier in my personal life.”

When she’s not using numbers to empower her clients, you’ll likely find Sara in friendly competition with her husband, roller-skating with her family, out with friends for dinner and dancing, or on a Mexican cruise, hoping to pass off a Chiclet as a real tooth. 

Tracy Seiner, Accounting Manager

Breakfast lover, chai tea sipper, and hand-letterer Tracy loves adventure and anything outdoors. She currently lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, but she loves escaping those harsh winters with a trip on the beach or scrolling through Pinterest pinning things she could do (but probably won’t).

Tracy loves working with online entrepreneurs and being able to offer them advice in a way that is honest yet positive. “When women have negative thoughts associated with their finances, the positive spin on financial management that Empowered Profit offers to our clients is most important to me. True empowerment only comes from positive experiences, and we are here to create that.”

When she’s not working to empower her clients,  you’ll likely find Tracy outside playing with her kids, listening to podcasts (The Chalene Show with Chalene Johnson is her favorite) running, or cooking.


Emily Davenport, Client Coordinator

Dancer, junk food lover, and HUGE Disney fan, Emily is from Michigan and currently lives in the Metro Detroit area with her husband, son, and cat Eevee. Emily enjoys residing in Michigan, but her favorite place on Earth is Disney World. It’s where she went for her honeymoon and fell in love with the parks, people, food, and overall magic of Disney.

Aside from the occasional trip to their favorite store with her husband, Barnes & Noble, Emily prefers to be a homebody. She loves spending weekends at home with her sweet little boy or watching Netflix with her husband.

When she’s not working as Empowered Profit’s client coordinator or hanging out with her family, you’ll likely find Emily dancing. She has danced since she was three and now owns a small dance studio where she teaches dance three nights a week.

Savannah Valencia, Content Manager

Coffee addict, backyard gardener, and Marvel nerd, Savannah lives in Boise, Idaho, in a mid-century fixer-upper. With a lot of youtube video watching, Pinterest scrolling, paint rolling, and a good deal of winging it, Savannah and her husband have slowly turned it into their dream home.

A former English teacher who turned her passion for writing into a copywriting and digital marketing career, Savannah loves using her creativity to support entrepreneurs. “Working with Empowered Profit is incredible. Amy brings a refreshingly fun and honest perspective to accounting and finance. I truly enjoy helping share the judgment-free and liberating approach of Empowered Profit.”

When she isn’t creating content, you’ll likely find Savannah hiking with her family, checking out library books with false hopes of reading them, watching the Great British Baking Competition, or opening a snack for one of her four children. 

Amy Coles, Tax Manager

Cherry Coke Zero drinker, plant killer, and 5K runner, Amy is a Michigan native and grew up in a small town where she used to drive her grandpa’s tractor when her family would bail hay in the late summer. She still drives a tractor every once in a while on her father-in-law’s blueberry farm.

Currently, Amy lives 15 minutes from Lake Michigan (and loves it) with her husband, Brian, their two children, and pug Ralphie. Amy and Brian love to run 5k’s together. They usually run 3 to 5 each summer and one on Thanksgiving. They have also competed in two tough mudders. 

When she’s not running or working as Empowered Profit’s Tax Manager, you’ll likely find Amy in mom-mode, playing dinosaurs with her son Jack or reading with her daughter Zoe. If the kids are sleeping, she’s probably looking for a good deal, hoping to out-do her greatest deal yet, two weighted blankets (one King size and one twin) for under $5 total.

Maecy Bruner, Assistant OFM

Dog mom to Red, cartoon watcher and avid reading, Maecy usually reads 3-4 books at a time. Born in Texas, Maecy moved around a lot and lived in 7 houses before second grade. She now lives in the country outside of Dallas and loves the quiet (it’s great for reading) and the unobstructed view of the stars at night.

A recovering workaholic, Maecy loves the work-life benefits that Empowered Profit provides. Being able to work from home not only allows her to skip the hour-long commute to town, but she also has the opportunity to work with amazing women from all over the country.

When she isn’t working with the incredible Empowered Profit team, you’ll likely find Maecy watching a funny movie with her husband, reading, or eating spaghetti. 

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