To QB or not to QB?

“Should I use QuickBooks for my accounting software? What version should I purchase?”

These are questions I am asked over and over again…Here’s my answer:

89% of the time, my answer is QuickBooks Online. It integrates so nicely with your bank feeds (even PayPal) that it makes doing your bookkeeping so easy.

(Xero is also an OK choice – and I have a number of clients who use it – but if you were to ask me which to purchase, I would always recommend QuickBooks.)

Which version of QuickBooks Online do I need?

At a minimum you need the Essentials level. If you have a number of different programs/products/services that you are selling and you want to track the profitability of them individually as I recommend, you will need the Plus version to do that.

Who is not a good fit for QB Online?

Everyone should be purchasing QuickBooks Online…but there are a few cases where it’s not the right fit.

*Contractors/Manufacturing/Inventory holding type companies – QuickBooks is still a good option, but the desktop version better than Online, it’s more robust for their particular needs.

*If you need multi-currency, or are Canadian then Xero is a great alternative to QB.

Where should I buy it?

Here’s a link you can use for your purchase that can get you 35% off of your subscription – for life because of the relationship I have with them.*

Click Here for the Special Pricing Offer

Usual offers will give you a discount from the first year, but then it goes back to reg price.

*Please let me know that you have purchased so I can make sure you are marked for the lifetime discount (and so I can be sure to collect my one-time referral payment that I receive :))

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